I want to control a small pump for watering my plants from an ESP32. I try to battery power the device, so the voltage is either 3,3V or something between 2.9 and 4.2 volts from a lithium-ion battery. How will the relay perform at these voltages? Relay I connect the relay to my bench power supply and test: The control signal is not 5v, but has to be 0v (ground). Weird, but ok, I just need to know.
5 volts works as expected, but the power consumption is alreay 72mA (360 mW). This is a lot. There are So I reduce to the voltage and at 3.5 volts it stops to be reliable.

Voltage Works Power(mA) Remark
5V Perfectly 72 As designed
4V Perfectly 56 Still good
3.5V Randomly 48 Not usable
3.3V No 44 Not at all

This means it will work only when the batteries are not discharged too much. And the 3.3 volts from the ESP are not possible at all.